Paysafe fees

This article outlines the fees you can expect to pay if your merchant processor is Paysafe. This information is intended as a general guide. Contact your merchant processor to obtain any specific information about your account.

All fees are listed in USD unless specified otherwise.

Required fees

The following fees will be charged for all services.

Gateway feesCanadian customers: $25/month; $0.40/transaction UK customers: £20/month; £0.20/transactionMonthly gateway fees are charged on the first of the month for the upcoming month’s usage. Transaction fees are charged at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s transactions. Transaction fees are charged for every transaction, including refunds and voids.
Annual maintenance fee$199/yearThis fee is billed annually by WellnessLiving in December for the cost of maintaining your account.
PCI compliance fee$69/monthA fee for keeping your business in accordance with PCI compliance, as required by Visa and MasterCard. There is a PCI validation program to ensure your business has met the PCI requirements of Visa and MasterCard.

NoteYou will only be charged this fee if you do not complete Paysafe’s PCI questionnaire within 90 days of your account being enabled.

Optional fees

The following fees will only be charged if you have applied for the specific service.

ACH processing feesCanadian customers: $30/month; $24.95/quarter; $0.30/transactionACH processing allows you to debit your clients’ bank accounts directly. This service is only available to Canadian customers. If you apply successfully for this service, you will be charged a monthly fee, a quarterly compliance fee, and a fee per transaction.
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