Physical Inventory Count

Physical Inventory Count is an inventory management tool that helps you track your inventory and proactively schedule your product orders. The Physical Inventory Count provides a real-time overview of your inventory levels, along with a set of filters to help you manage specific areas of your business.

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    To view the Physical Inventory Count:

    1. Click the App Drawer button .
    2. In the App Drawer, click View All.
    3. In the list, click Store. You can filter the list by entering Store into the Search field.
    4. In the Store, click the Option/More button and select Physical Inventory Count.

    Physical Inventory Count filters

    DateThe date the physical count was taken and entered in the system.
    LocationThe location of the item held.
    ProductThe name of the item.
    Product OptionThe specific variations of the item (e.g., various sizes of clothing, various dumbbell weights, etc.).
    Online Store CategoryThe category according to how the product has been catalogued.
    QuantityThe physical count at the location.
    NoteAny additional notes added to specific items.

    Physical Inventory Count advanced filters

    LocationUse this filter to determine which business location(s) to include in the inventory count.
    Online Store CategoryUse this filter to determine which store categories to include in the inventory analysis.
    ProductsUse this filter to determine the products to include in the inventory analysis.
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