Presence custom website builder

When you sign up for Presence with WellnessLiving, you get a custom website for your business that is directly integrated with your WellnessLiving business account. From your website, clients will be able to log in, book services, and view all your company’s offerings in one place.

There are two different plans available for your custom website:

  • Professional Presence – The Professional Presence Plan is $199/month and provides your business with a custom designed website that includes integrated scheduling, an integrated online store, a secure client portal, cloud storage, and much more.
  • Enterprise Presence – The Enterprise Presence Plan pricing is based on your business’s particular needs and provides you with everything that is included in the Professional Plan, plus an integrated location finder, franchise optimization, and the ability to push all customizations to your franchisees.

To sign up for Presence:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click Presence.
  3. Click SEE PLANS.
  4. Review the plans, then click GET STARTED under the plan that you want for your business.
  5. A request for your business’s website design is sent to our custom website specialists. You will receive an email shortly to schedule a call with an agent to review your company’s needs for your website.
  6. Based on your needs and design preferences, we will build a custom website for your business and send the design to you for approval. If needed, you can request any changes to the design until it meets your standards for approval.
  7. After the website has been built and approved by you, we will make it available to the public.
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