Product advanced settings

This article describes all the advanced settings available when you are creating or modifying a product.

To learn about the general information settings available when creating or modifying a product, see Product general information settings.

TaxesA setting that allows you to select whether taxes apply to this product. If you have configured taxes, and taxes apply to this product, select each tax type that applies.
QUICK Buy SettingsChoose whether or not QUICK Buy is enabled for this product.
Purchase RestrictionsThe purchase rules for the product:

  • Select Client can buy online or Only staff member can sell this product depending on whether you want to allow clients to buy the product online or through a staff member.
  • Select which clients can purchase this product: Available to all clients, Introductory offer for new clients only, or Available to select Client Types only. If you select Available to select Client Types only, select one or more Client Types from the list.
  • Select how this product is sold: Sold individually or Sold as part of package only.
    NoteIf you select Available to select Client Types only, only the selected client types will be able to view and purchase the product in your store.
ShipmentChoose whether or not the item can be shipped from your business.
If you select Non-shippable product, the product will be available to purchase in the online store but must be picked up at your business location.
If you select This product is shippable, enter the weight of each product option in pounds (lb) or kilograms (kg).
Inventory TrackingChoose whether or not WellnessLiving will track the inventory levels of this product.
If you choose Track inventory, additional fields are displayed for each product option.

  • Enter the CURRENT INVENTORY that you have in stock.
  • Enter the RE-ORDER LEVEL to indicate the level at which additional inventory should be ordered in order to avoid running out.
  • Select the LOCATION where this inventory is located.
  • Click Add location to enter inventory at other locations.
Service Add-onSelect whether the product can be purchased as an add-on for an Appointment.
To make the product available as an add-on, select the checkbox next to one or more Appointments. For more information on how to set a product as an add-on for an Appointment, see Setting up an add-on product.
Revenue CategoriesThe revenue categories to which the product is assigned. Click a revenue category to select or deselect it. You can select as many revenue categories as needed. The product will be assigned to the selected revenue categories.

You can also manage revenue categories from here:

  • To add a new revenue category, enter a name for it in the box, and click ADD.
  • To rename a revenue category, click the revenue category’s Options button and select Edit .
  • To delete a revenue category, click the revenue category’s Options button and select Delete tag .
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