Product general information settings

This article describes all the general information settings available when you are creating or modifying a product.

To learn about the advanced settings available when creating or modifying a product, see Product advanced settings.

PRODUCT NAMEThe name of the product. Your clients can see the name you enter so it should be both descriptive and brief. This field is required.
ACTIVATE PRODUCTA setting that allows you to activate or deactivate the product. When this option is set to OFF, the product is deactivated and cannot be purchased.

Deactivating a product will preserve all its information in WellnessLiving, including sales information in your reports. For more information, see Deleting, deactivating, or reactivating a product.

Product OptionsChoose whether the product has multiple options by selecting This product has multiple options or Single product with no options. Options can be different versions of the product with different costs and retail prices. The cost represents the wholesale cost of the product, while the retail price represents the amount that the product will be listed as and sold to customers in your store.

If you select This product has multiple options, you can add multiple options for this product.

  • For each option, fill out the following fields:
    • Under OPTION, enter the name of the option.
    • Under COST, enter the cost.
    • Under RETAIL PRICE, enter the price.
  • To add another option, click the Add button next to an option.
  • To remove an option, click the Subtract button next to the option you want to remove.
  • To reorder the options, click the Reorder buttons next to an option to move it up  or down .

If you select Single product with no options, there are no options available for this product.

  • Fill out the following fields:
    • Under COST, enter the cost.
    • Under RETAIL PRICE, enter the price.
  • If you select Single product with no options, you will have the option to offer an online discount for this product.
    • To offer an online discount, select Offer online discounted price and enter the DISCOUNT PRICE.
    • To not offer an online discount, select Don’t offer online discount.
BARCODE #An associated barcode number used to identify the product. To automatically generate a barcode, click the Generate barcode button .
SKU #An associated set of letters, numbers, or characters used for identifying the stock keeping unit (SKU) of the product.
SHOP SUPPLIERThe supplier of the product. For more information, see Adding or modifying a supplier.
MANUFACTURERThe name of the manufacturer of the product.
DESCRIPTIONA description of the product. Your clients can see the description so it should accurately describe the product and be creative, but brief. This is not a required field, but highly recommended.
PRODUCT IMAGESClick the placeholder to add product images.
Online Store CategorySelect the category (or categories) that this product should be listed under when filtering the store by category.
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