Prospective clients

Prospective clients are clients that are not yet fully involved in your business. These are new walk-ins who have heard of your business via the WellnessLiving directory, and who are using promotional passes or introductory offers to gain access to your services.

You can limit the number of prospective clients who attend classes through your individual class settings. This is important for several reasons, as it:

  • Allows paying customers access to services which otherwise might be flooded by prospects
  • Allows for a better balance in the session, to better illustrate to prospective clients and clients alike how a fully functional session is run
  • Allows your staff a limited number of prospective clients to focus on in order to bring them in as full-time paying customers

While these customers do not always generate revenue, they are essential to grow your business. Have your staff pay special attention to them, showing them how paying customers are focused on and are encouraged to succeed in their fitness goals.

Once a prospective member purchases a package or purchase option, they then become a full fledged member of your business.

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