Purchase options

Purchase option is an overarching term in WellnessLiving used to describe the following:

  • Membership: Typically allows your clients to access services during a limited time frame. For example, a monthly gym membership allows a client to use the gym any number of times during that month.
  • Session pass: Typically allows your clients to attend a certain number of classes or appointments. For example, a ten-class pass allows a client to attend ten spin classes.
  • Package: A combination of items which can include any of the following: session passes, memberships, gift cards, and products. For example, a package includes a ten-class pass and a one-month gym membership.

Clients can buy purchase options from your store and use them to pay for and attend services such as classes or appointments. Purchase options are an alternative to paying drop-in rates for services.

To learn how to configure your store, see The store.

NoteInstead of using a purchase option, clients can pay a drop-in rate for services they attend. The drop-in rate can be configured when creating the service type.

NoteEach purchase option can be assigned a priority level, which determines the order in which it will be used to pay for a service. A purchase option with a higher priority level will be used to pay for a service first. If multiple purchase options have the same priority level, the purchase option with the earliest expiration date will be used to pay for the service first. For more information on priority levels, see Store settings.

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