Push notifications

A push notification is a message that’s automatically sent by the Achieve Client App or Elevate Staff App to alert a client or staff member via their mobile device. These messages may be reminders to renew an expiring membership, requests to confirm a booked class, or any other note regarding a past or future interaction with your business. The notifications are “pushed” to the mobile device even when the app isn’t open.

You can enable push notifications for any automated marketing campaigns or automated notifications that allow them. For more information, see Enabling or disabling automated marketing campaigns and Enabling or disabling automated notifications.

You can use the same variables that are available for SMS messages to add customized details to your push notifications. For more information, see SMS variables.

  • A user must have previously signed in to the app for it to send notifications to the user’s device. If the user hasn’t previously signed in, notifications will fail.
  • If multiple clients use the same mobile device to sign in to the Achieve Client App, push notifications will be sent to the last client who was logged in. This includes logging in to any client accounts that are linked to the client’s profile via a relationship. For more information on related clients, see Family members.

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