Placing a membership on hold

You can place a client’s membership on hold if they are unable to visit your business for an extended period of time due to an injury, travel plans, etc. A hold will suspend the membership for a specified period of time. While on hold, all billing will be frozen and the membership cannot be used.

To place a mass hold on selected memberships, see Placing a mass hold on memberships

When you are placing a membership on hold, you can choose to apply one of two membership hold rules: Prorate or Contract Extension. For more information, see Membership hold rules.

Once a membership has been placed on hold, you can choose to modify or delete the hold on the membership at any time. For more information, see Modifying or deleting a hold on a membership.

For more information, see Memberships.

CautionWhen you add or modify a hold in the past, the effect that this hold would have had on the payment schedule is applied to the next scheduled payment.
NoteWhen you add or modify a hold in the future, the effect that this hold would have had on the payment schedule is applied to the scheduled payment for the payment period the hold is placed in.
NoteYou must disable attendance restrictions before you place the membership on hold, and enable them once the membership is off hold to prevent sessions from accumulating.
NoteWhen a membership with rollover enabled is placed on hold, it does not accumulate sessions during the hold period. If the hold period does not split the sessions evenly, the remaining sessions will be rounded down.
CautionIn previous versions of WellnessLiving, you had to disable rollovers and attendance restrictions before putting a membership on hold. This is no longer the case.
NoteIf you change the hold rule for an active membership, the new hold behavior will retroactively change the accounting method for all previous payment periods in the payment schedule (even if the membership was not on hold). This may result in pro-rated or otherwise undesired amounts in the payment schedule. If you want to change a membership’s hold rule, we recommend you create a new membership with the required settings.

To place a membership on hold:

    1. On the Top Nav Bar, click the Search button , and enter the client’s information in the box. You can enter the client’s name, phone number, email address, UID, or client ID. 
    2. In the list of clients displayed, click the client’s name. 
    3. On the side menu, click Account.
    4. On the Account menu, click Passes & Memberships.
    5. In the list, find the membership you want to put on hold. You may have to browse the list, use the Search option, or filter the list to find the membership.
    6. Under the Action column of the membership, click the Action button and select Put on hold.
    7. In the START DATE and END DATE boxes, select the start date and end date, or select the Place On-hold indefinitely option if you do not want to set an end date.
    8. If required, click the NOTES field and add a note.
    9. Click SUBMIT. The membership is placed on hold and cannot be used during this time.
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