Purchasing hardware from WellnessLiving

The following list of certified hardware must be purchased directly from WellnessLiving. Please send all hardware order requests to merchant@wellnessliving.com and we will order and ship the hardware to you.

In addition to the items listed below, we recommend using the newest version of the Apple iPad™ Pro, Air, or Mini as your front desk terminal, along with an Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter to connect your barcode scanner to the iPad. However, please be advised that we do not process requests for these products.

Prior to purchasing the new hardware, verify that your device’s make and model is listed in the table below to ensure its compatibility with the hardware you want to use.

CautionHardware must be ordered through WellnessLiving to be compatible with the system. If any of your hardware is purchased from elsewhere, it will not be compatible with the WellnessLiving system, even if you select the exact models listed below.

NoteThe prices listed do not include the cost of shipping and handling.

Hardware category WellnessLiving Systems Compatibility Manufacturer Model Description Price
Barcode Label Printer WellnessLiving Browser Version DYMO DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo Prints barcode labels directly from your PC or Mac using thermal printing technology.

NoteThe barcode printer only prints in black and white.
Cash Drawer WellnessLiving Browser Version MMF Industries MMF-VL1616E-04 Provides affordable versatility to any POS system. Built to the exacting standards you’ve come to expect from MMF, this series provides many performance features in a compact size. $159.00
Credit Card Swiper WellnessLiving Browser Version ID Tech MiniMag II
This swiper is a simple solution that is meant to be used with a desktop computer. Delivers exceptional performance in brilliantly designed housing. It can read up to three tracks of magnetic stripe card data regardless of swiping direction or speed which increases usability.

For more information, see the MiniMag II homepage.

NoteCredit card swipers are only supported for U.S. customers. For more information, contact merchant@wellnessliving.com.
Credit Card Mobile Reader (Headphone Jack) Elevate Staff App Magtek aDynamo


This mobile swiper attaches to mobile devices, such as a cell phone or tablet, using the headphone jack. This swiper can be used with mobile devices that have a port to plug headphones in.

Make secure transactions on-the-go with the IPS Mobile Reader. This secure card reader uses MagneSafe Security Architecture to protect cardholder data through instant dynamic encryption, tokenization and authentication.

NoteThe aDynamo credit card mobile reader is for businesses processing through Argus and the uDynamo credit card mobile reader is for businesses processing through Paragon.
Credit Card Mobile Reader (Lightning Port) Elevate Staff App Magtek iDynamo This mobile swiper attaches through the lightning port on Apple devices, such as iPhones and iPads. You will need to make sure your mobile device is fully charged before use, because you cannot both charge the mobile device and use the card swiper at the same time.

Make secure transactions on-the-go with the IPS Mobile Reader for a variety of mobile platforms. This secure card reader uses MagneSafe Security Architecture to protect cardholder data through instant dynamic encryption, tokenization and authentication.

NoteThe iDynamo credit card mobile reader is only compatible with Paragon merchant processing and Apple products.
Key Tags Key Tags (Quantity: 500) – Per Card: $0.60
Key Tags (Quantity: 1,000) – Per Card: $0.45
Key Tags (Quantity: 2,500) – Per Card: $0.30
Key Tags (Quantity: 5000+) – Per Card: $0.25For more information on purchasing key tags, see Ordering a custom key tag.
Receipt Printer WellnessLiving Browser Version Star TSP100ECO
The world’s first ECO POS receipt printer further extends the legacy that is the TSP100 futurePRNT. The TSP100ECO supports Star’s commitment to being ecologically responsible, while allowing Star to continue to provide a high-speed, software enriched, economical choice for users.
Not compatible with tablets.For more information, see the TSP100ECO support page.
Scanner WellnessLiving Browser Version Motorola DS9208
The Motorola DS9208 general purpose presentation scanner delivers the blazing speed typical of laser scanners on both 1D and 2D barcodes, accommodating 2D barcodes without sacrificing scanning quality or performance.

To use with an iPad, make sure to have a USB hub to power the scanner.

Signature Pad WellnessLiving Browser Version Topaz T-S460-HSB-R It features all the high quality biometric and forensic capture techniques of a SignatureGem tablet but with a low-cost touchpad and stylus in place of the active electromagnetic pen and sensor.

For more information on configuring your signature pad, please refer to the Topaz Systems website. This signature pad is currently only supported on Windows PCs because Topaz Systems Inc. does not provide MacOS drivers.

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