Recommended size and format for Presence images

When you sign up for Presence with WellnessLiving, you will be given a link to a OneDrive folder where you can upload images that will be used in your Presence custom website. To ensure the images do not appear out of proportion or cropped, you must upload images that adhere to the size and file type recommendations outlined in the table below.

NoteOther images on your Presence Site will be pulled directly from your browser version of WellnessLiving. This will include images for services, Purchase Options, and products that are available for clients to book and/or purchase from your website. For more information images, see Recommended image size and format.

PageImageMinimum SizeAspect ratioFile Type
HomeBackground image2000 x 70020:7.jpeg
Product and Affiliate Partners200 x 1002:1.jpeg

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300 x 3001:1.jpeg

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300 x 3001:1.jpeg
AppointmentsBackground image2000 x 70020:7.jpeg
ClassesBackground image2000 x 70020:7.jpeg
EventsBackground image2000 x 70020:7.jpeg
Schedule PageBackground image2000 x 70020:7.jpeg
Store PageBackground image2000 x 70020:7.jpeg
Our StoryBackground image2000 x 70020:7.jpeg
Image banner253 x 2531:1.jpeg
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Presence - Recommended size and format for Presence images