Redeeming a prize for a client

Staff members can redeem the points a client has earned through your rewards program for the prizes you offer. After redeeming points for a prize, the staff member can then award that prize to the client by selling it to them for free.

Clients can also redeem their own prizes.

To redeem a prize for a client:

  1. On the Top Nav Bar, click the Search button , and enter the client’s information in the box. You can enter the client’s name, phone number, email address, UID, or client ID.
  2. In the list of clients displayed, click the client’s name.
  3. On the side menu, click Rewards.
  4. On the Rewards menu, click Prizes.
  5. Under Available Prizes, click the ACTION button An image of the more button which is three gray dots stacked vertically. next to the prize you want to redeem. Be sure that the client has enough points to redeem the prize that you will be awarding.
  6. Click Redeem Points.
  7. In the confirmation popup, click OK. Rewards points equal to the cost of the prize are deducted from the client’s profile and the prize is now listed under Redeemed Prizes in the client’s profile.
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