Reports and report categories

Reports allow you to view important information about your business. They are essential for keeping an eye on important metrics and how they change over time. In addition, reports can be useful when making changes to your business because you can view the impact those changes have.

NoteAfter changes are made in the system, reports can take up to five minutes to update.

You can perform the following tasks related to reports:

Reports are separated into the following categories:

Report categoryDescription
ClientsReports on your clients, their engagement with your business, and their billing information.
AttendanceReports on the use of the services offered by your business over time.
StaffReports on your staff members, their pay, and their interactions with clients.
SalesReports on financial metrics, including revenue, refunds, taxes, and transactions.
MarketingReports on all email, SMS, and postcard communications between your business and your clients.
Corporate ReportsReports for franchise businesses that allow you to view and compare metrics for each franchise location. Corporate reports are only available to franchisor business accounts.


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