Rescheduling an appointment

After an appointment is booked, the date and time of the appointment can be changed before it occurs. When rescheduling an appointment, you can change the location, staff member, and even the appointment type. This allows you to quickly accommodate the changing needs of your clients directly from your schedule.

For more information about making changes to the duration of one appointment, see Changing the duration of a single appointment.

For more information about what is displayed on the schedule after booking an appointment, see Appointments on the schedule.

NoteIf you change the day of the week on which a recurring appointment occurs, all SOAP/QUICK notes and staff substitutions set for that appointment will be deleted.

To reschedule an appointment:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click View All.
  3. In the list, click Schedule. You can filter the list by entering Schedule into the Search field.
  4. Find the appointment on the schedule that you want to modify.
  5. Click the appointment.
  6. Click Reschedule.
    • Alternatively, if you’re using the calendar view, you can drag and drop the appointment to the desired timeslot.
  7. Under SERVICE, select the details of the service that will be provided for the appointment.
    • Under Location, select the location where the appointment will take place.  This option will only be available if your business has multiple locations.
    • Under Service, select the service that will be provided.
    • Under Duration, set the length of the appointment.
    • To display inactive appointments, select the Show inactive appointments checkbox.
  8. If the appointment is a non-integrated virtual service, enter a valid URL for your virtual service under NON-INTEGRATED VIRTUAL SERVICE LINK.
    • A valid URL must begin with HTTP, HTTPS, or SSH.
  9. If you have set up add-ons for the service, click Add under the add-ons you want to include.
    • Since add-ons are products, they must be paid for when booking. Any additional fees can be paid at checkout or charged to the client’s account balance.
  10. Under DATE & TIME, set the date and time at which the appointment will take place.
    • For single appointments:
      • Under New date, select the date on which the appointment will occur.
      • Under New start time, set the time at which the appointment will begin.
      • Click Select Time From Calendar, and then click the time slot on the calendar at which the appointment will occur.
    • For recurring appointments:
      • Under Affected sessions, select which appointments will be rescheduled:
        • To reschedule only this appointment, select This session only.
        • To reschedule this appointment and all other sessions scheduled afterwards, select All sessions going forward.
        • To reschedule all appointments within a date range, select Sessions within a date range and enter the start and end of the date range.
      • Under New date, select the date on which the appointment will occur.
      • Under New time, set the time at which the appointment will begin.
  11. Under STAFF, select the staff member who will provide the service.
    • Under Staff Gender Preference, select the preferred gender of the staff member.
    • Under Staff, select one of the available staff members.
  12. Under ASSET, select any Book-a-Spot assets required for the selected service.
    • This option will not be visible if the appointment does not require a Book-a-Spot asset.
  13. Under QUESTION, enter the answer to any questions that are listed.
  14. Under NOTIFY CLIENTS, choose which notification to send to the impacted client. Keep in mind that this will override the Appointment Change notifications configured in the backend. In addition, you can click the Edit Edit button button next to any toggle to edit the notification that is sent to the client.
    • To send the client an email notification, set Send email notification to ON.
    • To send the client an SMS notification, set Send SMS notification to ON.
    • To send the client a push notification, set Send push notification to ON.
  15. To complete rescheduling the appointment:
    • Click Reschedule to reschedule an appointment that has already been paid for.
    • Click Reschedule unpaid to reschedule the appointment without requiring payment from the client when rescheduling.
    • Click Reschedule & pay to reschedule the appointment and require payment from the client when rescheduling. For more information, see Making a sale.
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