Rescheduling an Appointment

After an Appointment is booked, the date and time of the Appointment can be changed before the it occurs. When rescheduling an Appointment, you can change the location, staff member, and even the Appointment Type. This allows you to quickly accommodate the changing needs of your clients directly from your schedule.

For information about making changes to the duration of one Appointment, see Changing the duration of a single Appointment.

For information about what is displayed on the schedule after booking an Appointment, see Appointments on the schedule.

Note You cannot change the day of the week when rescheduling a recurring Appointment. If you wish to change the day of the week for a recurring Appointment, you must cancel the recurring Appointment and book a new recurring Appointment on the desired day of the week.

To reschedule an Appointment:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click Schedule.
  3. Find the Appointment on the schedule that you want to modify.
  4. Click the Appointment.
  5. Click the Reschedule button .
    • Alternatively, if you are using the calendar view, you can drag-and-drop the Appointment to the desired timeslot.
  6. Click Edit next to Select Location & Service to select the new location, Appointment, or both from the lists.
  7. Under Select Date & Time, enter the new date and time for the Appointment. Alternatively, if you are using calendar view, click Select an available time slot on the calendar to select the new date and time directly on the schedule.
  8. Click Select Staff to select a new staff member for the Appointment.
  9. Click Book. The Appointment is rescheduled. The associated staff member and client will receive any related notification(s) that are enabled.
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