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WellnessLiving and Google have recently integrated in a brand-new way, providing your business with a powerful lead generation tool. This new integration allows Google users to book Classes, Appointments, and Events offered by WellnessLiving business subscribers in supported regions directly through Google Search, Google Maps, or the Reserve with Google website.

When you create a new business with WellnessLiving, the Reserve with Google feature is automatically switched on. You can turn off this setting at any time. For more information, see Enabling and disabling Reserve with Google integration.

With Reserve with Google integration, your upcoming Classes, Events, and available Appointment time slots will be listed on Google Search, Google Maps, and the Reserve with Google website when users search relevant terms. Users can then click through to book their chosen Class or Appointment with your business directly through Google. Bookings made through Google can be found and tracked through WellnessLiving reports, schedules, and anywhere else booked services are usually found.

This integration is currently only available to businesses that are part of specific industries and are located in supported regions. Classes and Appointments must also meet specific conditions to be listed. See the section below to determine whether you meet the requirements for integration.

NoteNeither you nor your clients will incur any additional costs while using the Reserve with Google integration.

NoteReserve with Google automatically syncs your WellnessLiving schedule with Google approximately once every 5 minutes.

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    Reserve with Google Requirements:

    In order to successfully enable Reserve with Google integration, you must meet the following requirements:

    • A Google My Business account.
    • An active WellnessLiving subscription.
    • At least one location in a supported region that offers Classes or Appointments. The following regions are currently supported:
      • U.S.
      • Canada
      • Australia
      • United Kingdom
    • Your business must be in one of the following industries:
      • Yoga
      • Fitness
      • CrossFit
      • Pilates
      • Dance
      • Barre
      • Spin
      • Hair Salon
      • Massage
      • Spa
    • Ensure the business name for your Google My Business account and your WellnessLiving Location are the same.
    • Each Class or Appointment must meet these conditions to be listed via Reserve with Google:
      • Must not have any booking restrictions, including prerequisites or restrictions based on client types.
      • Must have a price or applicable Purchase Option.
      • Must have available dates and times for booking.
      • Must have open spaces available for booking.
      • Online booking must be enabled.
    • Complete address information for each location: street address, city, state, ZIP/postal code, and country. This must match the address information in your Google My Business account.
    • Reserve with Google enabled for your location. See Enabling and disabling Reserve with Google integration.

    Reserve with Google Limitations

    The Reserve with Google integration has certain limitations you should be aware of before you enable it. These limitations affect clients with active session passes and new clients who are first-time visitors to your business.

    Clients with active session passes

    If a client with an active session pass makes a booking through Reserve with Google, the visit will be marked as unpaid in WellnessLiving. You will need to manually go through the attendance list and reconcile unpaid visits.

    New Clients

    Reserve with Google does not display all client profile mandatory fields, so some actions that new clients must perform when booking via WellnessLiving, such as signing the online waiver, are not available through Reserve with Google bookings. This means that new clients will bypass this information when booking through Google. They will, however, be prompted to complete these sections when they log into the WellnessLiving system for the first time. Bypassed information may include:

    • Online waiver and digital signatures
    • Online payment and billing information
    • Appointment questions
    • Custom client profile fields
    • BOOK-A-SPOT™
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