Revenue categories

Revenue categories are a way to track and analyze sales activity. When creating or modifying a service, Purchase Option, packagegift card, productBook-a-Spot asset, or Groupon deal, you have the option to assign it to one or more revenue categories or create new revenue categories.

You can assign a revenue category when you want to organize and filter data using specific variables for sales or income reports. This normally applies to primary groups like Appointments or secondary groups such as massages, facials, or spa treatments. When you assign a product or service to one revenue category, you can easily find transactions involving that item using the Sale Summary Per Revenue Category Report, or by filtering the All Sales Report by revenue category.

You can assign more than one revenue category when you want to organize and filter data by combining more than one variable (e.g., if you want to combine a primary group such as Appointments, Classes, Products, Memberships, or Gift Cards with a secondary group), or if you want to view a specific offering in the secondary group (e.g., if you want to create sales reports for all stone massage or body wrap services). It is important to note that if you assign an item with more than one revenue category, the Sales with Revenue Categories Report and Sale Summary Per Revenue Category Report will display duplicate transactions for each additional revenue category assigned.

You can create a new revenue category for a new offering (e.g., if your business is introducing a new product line) or an existing offering (e.g., if you want to test the popularity of an existing Groupon deal).

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