Revenue categories

Revenue categories are a way to track and analyze business income. When creating or modifying a service, Purchase Option, packagegift card,productBOOK-A-SPOT™ assetor Groupon deal, you can assign it to any number of revenue categories as well as create new revenue categories. 

When you assign an item to a revenue category, you can easily find transactions involving that item by using the Sale Summary Per Revenue Category Report or by filtering the All Sales Report by revenue category. 

Here are some examples of how you can use revenue categories: 

  • If your services are split decisively between the morning and evening, you can create morning and evening revenue categories and assign services to them accordingly. Then, from your sales reports, you can easily see whether more customers prefer morning services or evening services. 
  • If you offer special introductory classes and sell items for these classes, while also catering to an established clientele, you can separate all classesPurchase Options, packages, and products into introductoryand established” revenue categories. 
  • If you want to test the popularity of a Groupon deal, you can create a revenue category specifically for that deal. 
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