Reviewing your client’s user experience

Now that you have setup your business in WellnessLiving, you can start testing your client workflow. This will allow you to preview what your customers will see when they interact with the Client Web App. Once you have ensured that the client workflow provides the optimal experience to your customers, your business will be ready to officially begin using the WellnessLiving system.

To review your client workflow:

  1. Copy the business URL for your Client Web App.
  2. Paste the Client Web App URL into a new tab on your web browser.
    • The Client Web App is what your clients will see when accessing your services through a web browser. Make sure you click around the different areas of the Client Web App to experience things the same way a new client would. Create a test profile to see how the registration and booking process works for a new client.
    • To learn how to customize this page, see Customizing your web applications.
    • To learn more about client apps, see Opening a web app.
  3. Click Book Now to see the services your clients can book.
    • To learn how to customize or change what customers see when they click the Book Now tab, see Managing book now tabs.
    • If services appear that should not be available to customers on the web app, they can be removed from this page by disabling online booking for the appropriate services.
  4. Click Store to see what items your clients can buy through the Client Web App.
  5. If you have signed in with a test profile, click the profile picture in the top right corner, and then click My Profile to view your client profile.
    • To change the information that is displayed on client profiles or what is requested from clients during registration, you can modify your custom client fields.
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