Rewards program

The rewards program is a great way to keep your clients engaged with your business. You can enable options to allow your clients to automatically earn rewards points for actions such as advertising your business on social media, referring their friends, or simply attending your services. Clients can redeem rewards points they earn for free services, free products, or special discounts offered by your business.

When setting up the rewards program, keep in mind the following information:

  • Clients will only be allowed to earn points through the rewards program when the Participate in the Rewards Program option on their Overview page is set to ON.
  • Clients will not earn any rewards points when a staff member books a service on behalf of the client or when your business has not gone live on WellnessLiving.
  • If a client earns rewards points for certain activities and those activities are later undone or invalidated, the points they earned will be automatically deducted from their client profile. These activities include:
    • Making a purchase, and later getting a refund for that purchase.
    • Booking a service online, and later being marked as a late cancel or a no-show for that service.
  • If a client makes a purchase by redeeming rewards points and later returns the purchase for a refund, the points they redeemed will not be automatically refunded and added back to their rewards points total.
    • However, a staff member can manually assign rewards points back to the client through the client profile when needed. For example, if a client redeems a product using rewards points and changes their mind later, a staff member can return the spent points to the client.

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