Schedule Event reference

The following is a full reference for the fields on the Edit Schedule page for a scheduled Event instance:

To learn how to modify a scheduled Event instance, see Modifying a scheduled event instance.

Field nameDescription
SUBSTITUTE CLASSSelect a different Event to replace the remaining sessions.
LOCATIONSelect the business location where the Event will be held. If you have Zoom enabled, set the Virtual service can be booked from other locations option to ON to allow your clients to book virtual services from other locations.
RETAIL PRICEEnter the price that clients are charged for each session of the Event.
START DATEDetermine the date on which the Event will begin. If the Event has already begun, you cannot edit this date.
END DATEDetermine the date on which the Event will end.
START TIMESpecify the time at which the Event will start:

  1. Select the hour.
  2. Select the minute; the minutes variable is set in increments of five.
  3. Select AM or PM.
DURATIONSpecify the length of time the Event should last:

  1. Select the number of hours from the list.
  2. Select the number of minutes from the list. The minutes variable is set in increments of five.
REPEATS EVERYSelect the frequency of the Event:

  1. Select the number of weeks, months, or years from the list.
  2. Select week, month, or year from the list.
DAY OF THE WEEKSelect the day of the week on which the Event will be offered.
ROOMEnter the room name or number where the Event will take place. The name should be mutually understood by all staff and clients.
INSTRUCTORSpecify the instructor for the Event and their payment method. You can add and remove instructors with the + and buttons to the right of each instructor entry.

  1. Select the instructor from the list of staff.
  2. Select the pay rate that will be used to calculate their pay for these sessions.
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONSEnter any special instructions related to the Event.
NON-INTEGRATED VIRTUAL SERVICE LINKEnter the URL link for the non-integrated virtual service related to the Event. This link must be valid and secure. For example, the link must begin with HTTP, HTTPS, or SSH for the system to accept it. This option only appears if the This is a non-integrated virtual service setting is selected for the Event. For more information, see Event advanced settings.

This link will apply to all sessions of the Event. If you want a different link for each session, you must manually change each individual session’s virtual service link.

NoteIf the virtual service link is missing for an Event session, the virtual service icon will appear in red on the schedule.
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