Achieve Client App: Schedule management

Using the Achieve Client App, clients can view all their past and upcoming Appointments, Classes, Events, and assets directly from their mobile devices. These services can also be canceled directly from here.

note]If your business has the business setting Allow clients to cancel set to OFF for the entire business, clients cannot cancel their bookings from the Achieve Client App. If the business has this option set to OFF for a specific service type, clients will not be able to cancel bookings of that type from the Achieve Client App; staff members must cancel these bookings on the client’s behalf. For more information about this setting, see Business policy settings.

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To open the schedule:

  1. Tap My Schedule on the bottom of the screen. The date, time, duration, instructor, and service type for each upcoming service are shown here.

    Upcoming schedule
    Upcoming schedule

To cancel an upcoming service:

  1. On the bottom menu, tap My Schedule.
  2. To the right of the service that you want to cancel, tap the Options button
  3. Tap Cancel.
  4. Tap OK. The service is canceled.

To view your past services:

  1. Tap My Schedule on the bottom of the screen.
  2. At the top of your screen, tap Past Services. Your past services are displayed. The date, time duration, instructor, and service type for each past service are shown here.

    Past schedule
    Past schedule
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