Schedule views

The schedule can be viewed in a list view, or in a calendar view. These two views provide the same information, only presented differently. This allows members of staff two different ways to visualize a complex schedule, allowing them to pick whichever view works best for them.

NoteIn calendar view, only staff members with scheduled services will appear as columns.

In addition to the list view or calendar view, staff can specify the view in terms of time. The schedule can display a single day, a week, or a month of the schedule at once. This allows staff to focus in on a particularly crowded day, or take a larger amount of time into account, depending on what they are trying to achieve. By default, WellnessLiving presents the schedule in the day list view. However, the system will present the data in whichever view the staff member used last.

A summary of all the sessions displayed on the schedule is located at the bottom of the filter bar to the left side of the screen after clicking on the schedule or choosing a filter view.

NoteAny changes made to the schedule view are maintained for five minutes after the changes are applied even if the user logs out of the system. After five minutes, the schedule will be loaded using the default schedule view. To reuse a filter view, you must save it. For more information, see Filtering the schedule.

To change between the list view and the calendar view, or to change the view in terms of time, see Customizing the schedule individually per staff member.

When viewing the monthly schedule, only the calendar view is available. The other variations of schedule views are listed below:

Time rangeCalendar viewList view
DayDay calendar viewDay list view
WeekWeek calendar viewWeek list view
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