Booking and attending a service

The process of booking and attending a service in WellnessLiving involves two parts: booking the service for the client and marking whether the client attended the service. Each part of this process can be completed by the client or by a staff member. For example, a client who books a service through the Client Web App can be checked in to the service by a staff member using Attendance Web App.

Clients can book services from their browser through the Client Web App or from their mobile devices through the Achieve Client App. Staff members can book services for clients from the client’s profile or from the schedule. For more information, see Booking a Class, Booking an Appointment, Booking an Event, and Booking a Book-a-Spot asset.

Clients can check in to services using the Client Web App, the Achieve Client App, the Client Self Check-In Web App, or the Attendance Web App. Staff members can check clients in using the Attendance Web App, QUICK Check-In, the attendance list for the service, or the client’s profile. For more information, see Check-in methods and Changing a client’s attendance record.

NoteClients attending a virtual class will be automatically marked as Checked-in when they join the session through the Client Web App, Achieve Client App, or the virtual service link provided in their service notifications. If a client doesn’t join the virtual class by the end of the session, their attendance status will be automatically marked as No-show.

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