Self Check-In Web App

The Self Check-In Web App allows clients to check themselves in to services, marking them as checked-in on attendance lists and reports. The Self Check-In Web App can be set up by a staff member on either a computer or a tablet and can be attached to a barcode scanner in an accessible location so that clients can check in as they arrive.

Clients can check in by entering their WellnessLiving account credentials, entering their client ID, or scanning their key tag or barcode on their Achieve Client App with a barcode scanner. You can buy certified barcode scanners and key tags directly from WellnessLiving.

We recommend using a separate device dedicated to self check-in as this allows you to monitor the staff backend while your clients check themselves in without interruption.

If you are using the same device to provide clients with check-in options and perform staff member duties, you must remain signed in to WellnessLiving with the Self Check-In Web App opened in a separate, private browser window. To learn how to open private browsing mode on your web browser, check your browser’s support website below:

NoteClients won’t be able to check themselves in until you’ve enabled the appropriate self check-in options in the Self Check-In Web App settings.

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