Selling a QUICK gift card

After you have created a QUICK gift card, you can sell them through your store. To sell a QUICK gift card, you must add one or more items to the shopping cart and then create the QUICK gift card. This will create a gift card containing the items that were in the shopping cart. Gift cards can be emailed, printed, or both after they have been sold.

To learn how to sell a gift card with set products and services or set dollar values, see Selling a gift card.

To sell a QUICK gift card:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click Store.
  3. Select the client to whom you are making the sale in one of the following ways:
    • To select an existing client, in the SEARCH CLIENT box, type the client’s name, and then select the client.
    • To create a new client, click + Add Client to create a new client profile, and then select the client.
    • To make the purchase anonymously (i.e., without associating it with a client profile), click Walk-In.
  4. Under Products and Services, search for the items you want to add to the QUICK gift card and click Add to cart.
  5. In the shopping cart, click QUICK Gift Card.
    • If this option is not displayed, click the Options button  at the top of the page next to the shopping cart and select QUICK Gift Card to enable QUICK gift cards.
  6. Select whether the QUICK gift card should be emailed or printed by selecting Email or Print.
  7. Enter the client and the recipient’s information in the provided fields.
    • If you chose to email the QUICK gift card, you can send the card on a specific date by selecting a date next to Send On.
  8. To assign the QUICK gift card a custom number, select the Assign a custom gift card number checkbox and enter the number in the box.
  9. Click Add to cart.
  10. Click Proceed to Checkout.
  11. Select each payment method the client wants to use (e.g., Virtual Terminal, Card Swiper, Cash). In most cases, the total payment is split between the selected payment methods equally, but you can adjust the amounts as required. If you select Gift Cards, you must enter the required code, and the amount on the gift card will be entered automatically.
  12. Click Complete.
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