Session pass advanced settings

This article describes all advanced settings are available when you are creating or modifying a session pass.

To learn about the general information settings available when creating or modifying an session pass, see Session pass general information settings.

Setting Description
Purchase Restrictions The purchase rules for the session pass:

  • Select Client can buy online or Only staff member can sell this purchase option depending on whether you want to allow clients to buy the session pass online or through a staff member.
  • Select which clients can purchase this session pass: Available to all clients, Introductory offer for new clients only, or Available to select Client Types only. If you select Available to select Client Types only, select one or more Client Types from the list.
  • Select how this session pass is sold: Sold individually or Sold as part of package only.
Access to Locations Determines whether your client can use the session pass in All or Specific locations. If you select Specific locations, select the checkbox for each applicable location.
Attendance Restrictions Determines if the number of available sessions are restricted based on a specific time period (e.g., a maximum of 10 sessions per month). If you select Apply Attendance Restriction:

  • In the Period list, select day, week, month, or year.
  • In the Max Sessions field, enter the maximum number of sessions the client can attend in the selected time period. For example, if you select a Period of a week and enter 5 in the Max Sessions field, the client is restricted to 5 visits per week.
  • Choose whether you want to apply the restriction based on the calendar cycle or the payment cycle.
  • Select Enable Rollover or Session do not rollover depending on whether you want to allow remaining visits to rollover to the next attendance restriction period.

To learn more, see Attendance Restrictions.

Non-sequential Day Pass Select the checkbox to create the session pass as a non-sequential day pass.
This setting is only displayed when you set the pass to expire x number of days after the activation date under Select Expiration. A non-sequential day pass expires after using the pass for a set number of days. For example, if you set the pass to expire 5 days after the activation date and select the non-sequential day pass checkbox, the pass will expire after it has been used on 5 separate days, instead of 5 sequential days after the activation date. This allows you to tie the expiration of the session pass to the client???s usage of the pass rather than a time period.
Contract Select whether the client must agree to a contract before purchasing the membership. Your choices are:

  • No Contract – The client does not need to agree to a contract.
  • Clients must agree to a contract – The client must agree to a contract. Enter your contract in the text field.
NoteIf you modify a session pass???s existing contract, when you save your changes you will be asked whether you want clients who have already purchased the membership to re-sign the contract. If you select YES, clients will be prompted to sign the contract the next time they log in to their account.

NoteIf a Purchase Option that has a contract associated with it is set to auto-renew, clients will be required to re-sign the contract each time the Purchase Option automatically renews.
Client Type The type of client the session pass holder becomes after purchase. Make a selection from the list.
Sharing Membership and Passes Determines whether this pass is shared with family members by default. Select one of the following options:

  • Share pass with family members by default – If you select this option, select each type of family member the pass will be shared with by default from the list.
  • Do not share pass with family members by default – The pass will not be shared with family members by default.
Revenue & Staff Payroll Calculation Determines whether clients who use this session pass are included or excluded in payroll calculation.
If this session pass is free, promotional, or both, you can use this option to exclude clients with this session pass from payroll calculations. This is useful because staff who are paid by the number of clients they instruct will only be paid for by those who used paid session passes.
Barcode Enter or generate a barcode to identify this session pass in your WellnessLiving system.
Receipt Select Default Email Receipt to send your default receipt to a client who purchases this session pass.

Select Custom Email Receipt to create a custom receipt to send to a client who purchases this session pass.

For information on how to use variables in the email message, see Email variables.  

Revenue Category The revenue categories to which the session pass is assigned. Click a session pass to select or deselect it. You can select as many revenue categories as needed. The Event will be assigned to the selected revenue categories.

You can also manage revenue categories from here:

  • To add a new revenue category, enter a name for it in the box and click ADD.
  • To rename a revenue category, click the revenue category’s Options button and select Edit .
  • To delete a revenue category, click the revenue category’s Options button and select Delete tag .


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