Session passes

When booking a service, clients can pay a drop-in rate or with a Purchase Option. A session pass is a type of Purchase Option in WellnessLiving.

Session passes offer your clients a set number of visits to your services for a set dollar amount. A session pass can be assigned one of the following service types: Appointments, Classes/Events, Assets, Gym Visits (if your Business Type is set to Gym), or Account Tab. Account Tab session passes add monetary value to a client’s account balance based on the entered price each session pass period. For example, a session pass with a $20 price will add $20 to the client’s account balance.

Session passes will expire when either the specified duration is reached, or the number of visits have been used in full. Session passes can be set to renew automatically, or be converted into a different session pass.

NoteIf a client with multiple unpaid booked sessions applies a session pass as payment the session pass will apply to each visit until the pass runs out and the remaining visits will be marked as unpaid.

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Purchase Options - Session passes