Setting a staff member’s employment end date

Staff members can set an employment end date for other staff members. This feature is only for record keeping purposes and does not deactivate the staff member’s profile once the end date has arrived. To deactivate a staff member’s profile, see Deactivating a staff member.

NoteStaff members must be assigned to a staff role with the Manage staff profiles permission to perform this action. For more information, see Staff role permissions.

To set a staff member’s employment end date:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click View All.
  3. In the list, click Setup. You can filter the list by entering Setup into the Search field.
  4. On the Setup menu, click Staff.
  5. On the Staff menu, click Staff Members.
  6. In the list, click the staff member for which you want to set an employment end date. You may have to browse the list, use the Search option, or filter the list to find the staff member you want to modify.
  7. In the staff member’s profile, click the General tab.
  8. At the bottom of the page, clear the Currently Employed checkbox.
  9. Next to Employment End Date, select the staff member’s employment end date.
  10. Click SAVE.
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