Setting up the client review request notification

The Review Request notification is a client notification that can be automatically sent to your clients after they attend a service at your business.

NoteYour WellnessLiving Explorer listing must be enabled for your clients to be able to leave a review through the link in this notification. To receive reviews for individual locations, enable the WellnessLiving Explorer listing for each location. For more information, see WellnessLiving Explorer listing.

To set up the review request notification:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click View All.
  3. In the list, click Setup. You can filter the list by entering Setup into the Search field.
  4. On the Setup menu, click Notifications.
  5. On the Notifications menu, click Client Notifications.
  6. On the Client Notifications page, under Customer Review Notifications, click the Edit this template button next to the Review Request template . You may have to browse the list, use the Search option, or filter the list to find this template.
  7. On the Edit Review Request Template page, make any required modifications. To include a link to a page where the client can leave a review, be sure to include the [ButtonReviewEdit] email variable. For more information, see Automated email template settings and Email variables.
    • If you set the Send email [number] [duration] after [visit type] option to every visit, you must set the following options:
      • Set Stop sending email after the client submits a review to ON or OFF.
      • Set Send email a maximum of [number] times to ON or If you set it to ON, enter the maximum number of times the Review Request notification should be sent to a client after each visit.
  8. Set the ACTIVATE EMAIL option to ON.
  9. Click SAVE.
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