Setting up Purchase Option conversion

A Purchase Option, such as a membership or a session pass, can be configured to automatically convert into a new Purchase Option of the same type upon expiration. For example, if you require a minimum 3-month membership commitment from your clients, you can choose to sell a 3-month membership which will automatically convert to a month-to-month membership after it expires.

When setting up Purchase Option conversion, keep in mind the following information:

  • If you want to convert a client’s Purchase Option to a different type such as converting a session pass to a membership, you must manually refund the original Purchase Option to the client’s account and sell them the new Purchase Option in the store using the refunded value.
  • If a termination date has been set for the Purchase Option, the Purchase Option will not convert. The conversion will only happen when all sessions have been used up or when the expiration date arrives.
  • If a client has already paid for future scheduled payment(s) when their membership is converted to a new Purchase Option, their account balance will be automatically credited to reflect that payment. For example, a client has paid for two additional months of membership in advance at $50 a month. When the membership is converted, the client will receive a $100 credit in their account balance.
    • If a negative number is displayed under the Amount Owed column on the payment schedule, this indicates the amount of money that is owed to the client by the business.
  • If a client makes a prorated membership payment that extends the length of the membership past its original expiration date, the membership will not convert on the original expiration date. Instead, it will convert at the end of the prorated period. For more information on prorating memberships, see Prorating membership payment.

To set up a Purchase Option conversion:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click Setup.
  3. On the Setup menu, click Store Configuration.
  4. On the Store Configuration menu, click Purchase Options.
  5. In the list, click the Purchase Option you want to configure for the conversion. You may have to browse the list, use the Search option, or filter the list to find the Purchase Option.
  6. Under After Expiration, click Convert to and select the Purchase Option to convert to after the original one expires.
  7. Determine whether clients will have the ability to opt out of the Purchase Option conversion:
    • Click Enable Client Control to give clients the ability to opt out of the Purchase Option conversion.
    • Click Disable Client Control to remove clients’ ability to opt out of the Purchase Option conversion.
  8. Click SAVE.
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