Setting up your business email settings

Set up your business email settings to be able to send automated email messages to your clients. Your clients can then reply to emails if they have an inquiry.

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    To set up your business email settings:

    1. Click the App Drawer button .
    2. In the App Drawer, click Setup.
    3. On the Setup menu, click Business.
    4. On the Business menu, click Email Settings.
    5. Make changes to the settings on the page, as required. For details, see the following table.
    6. Click SAVE. Your email settings are applied and all automated email messages sent from now on will include the configured values.

    Email settings

    Field Description
    From name The name that is displayed when a client receives an email from your business. In general, you should enter the name of your business.
    Reply-to email address The email address that is used when the client replies to your automated email, for example:

    E-Mail Signature The signature that is displayed at the bottom of your automated email messages. It should be brief, should include a friendly send off, and should contain some information about your business. A link to your website, schedule, or contact page can also be useful. Modify the default signature to match your business, or customize it using HTML.
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