Signing an online waiver

This article provides instructions for clients to use your client self registration web app, the Client Web App, or the Achieve Client App to sign your waiver. Clients can sign waivers for themselves or on behalf of minors whose client profiles are linked as a relationship.

For clients to be able to sign a waiver using your client self registration web app, you must provide access to the client self registration web app from a tablet or computer at your business.

If you require clients to sign your waiver upon registration and they have not yet signed it, the waiver will be displayed when clients log in to the Client Web App or Achieve Client App for the first time, and they will be required to sign it before continuing to use the app. If clients are not required to sign your waiver until they attempt to book a service, they will be prompted to sign it at that time. Alternatively, clients can follow the steps below to view and sign the waiver before booking services.

For more information about digital signatures, see Digital signatures.

Your clients can sign your online waiver in the following ways:

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