Staff roles

Staff roles allow you to control what your staff members can see and change in WellnessLiving. This is done by assigning staff roles with specific permissions to your staff members. For example, assigning a staff member the default Business Owner staff role allows them to view and change all settings in the business; whereas assigning a staff member the default Instructor staff role only allows them to view and modify the Classes or Appointments they handle.

It is important to understand a staff role is not the same as a job title, which is a setting found on the staff profile. For example:

  • Staff members with different job titles can share the same staff role, allowing them the same level of access to system functions, such as scheduling. For example, staff members who have the title “receptionist” and staff members who have the title “assistant” may both be assigned to the Front Desk staff role.
  • Conversely, two staff members can share the same job title while using different staff roles, allowing one member access to more business functions than the other. This can be useful if you have junior and senior employees who should have access to different parts of WellnessLiving.

Default staff roles

When you start using WellnessLiving, you will be presented with four default staff roles, as described in the following table. If you want to create additional staff roles or make any modifications to existing staff roles, see Creating or modifying a staff role.

NoteIf you modify any of the default staff roles, they will not necessarily reflect the staff role descriptions provided in the table.
Role nameDescription
Business OwnerBusiness Owners have all permissions in your business.
Front DeskFront Desk staff members can manage schedules, add holidays, view, create, and flag clients, and leave them notes.
InstructorInstructors can manage only their own classes.
Manager (Location Owner)Managers/Location Owners can take any action in their own locations.

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