Staff Widget

The Staff Widget can be embedded onto your website or placed on your Facebook page to display an overview of your staff members. Staff members are listed on the widget with their profile picture and name. The widget can be configured to display staff members from all locations or to only display staff members for a specific location.

When a client selects a staff member through the widget, the staff member’s biography and upcoming Classes are displayed, allowing your customers to follow their favorite instructors. A limit of 500 staff members can be displayed on the widget.

For information about placing a widget on your website or Facebook page, see Embedding a widget or widget button into your website and Embedding a widget on your Facebook page.

NoteA staff member’s profile must be published for it to appear on the Staff Widget. To publish a staff member’s profile, select the Publish on business page checkbox on the staff member’s profile. For more information, see the Staff member profile reference.

Example of the Staff Widget

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