Substituting staff members for appointments

If a staff member is unavailable for a scheduled Appointment, you can substitute them for another staff member. Replacing a staff member for an Appointment is different from replacing a staff member for a Class or Event.
To learn how to substitute a staff member for a Class or Event, see Substituting instructors.

NoteWhen you substitute the staff member for an Appointment, the staff member who was originally booked to host the Appointment will automatically receive the Appointment Canceled notification and the substitute staff member will receive the New Appointment notification. For more information on these notifications, see Staff notification types.

To substitute a staff member for an Appointment:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click Schedule.
  3. Click the Appointment for which you want to substitute a staff member. If you cannot find the Appointment, adjust the schedule’s filters and date range.
  4. Click Reschedule.
  5. Under Select Date & Time, select when the substitution will take place:
    • Just This Day – The substitution will only be effective for the currently selected session.
    • All Sessions Going Forward – The substitution will be effective for this session and all future sessions of the Appointment.
    • Date Range – The substitution will be effective between, and including, the CHANGEFROM and CHANGETO dates. Click each box and select the dates from the calendar.
  6. Click Select Staff:
    1. Select the List unavailable staff checkbox to display both available and unavailable staff members in the list.
    2. Under GENDER PREFERENCE, select a gender to filter the list of staff members by gender.
    3. From the SELECT A SPECIFIC SPECIALIST list, select the replacement staff member.
  7. Click Book.
    • If the replacement staff member is also unavailable for some of the affected Appointment sessions, one or more conflict notices will appear. Resolve each conflict by choosing one of the following options, then click Book again.
      • BOOK ANYWAY – The replacement staff member will be removed from the conflicting service and assigned to this one.
      • DO NOT BOOK – The substitution will not apply to this session.
      • FIX – A different substitute will fill in for this session. Select another staff member from the list.
  8. Click SAVE.
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