Achieve Client App: Switching to a family member’s profile

If a client uses the Achieve Client App and switches to a family member’s profile, actions can be performed on behalf of that family member. Switching to a family member’s profile gives a client the same level of access they would have if they were logged in as that family member.

To learn how to view a family member’s profile via a browser, see Viewing a family member’s profile.

To switch to a family member’s profile in the Achieve Client App:

  1. Tap your profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen to expand the options menu.
  2. Above the options menu, tap the profile icon that represents the family member whose profile you want to switch to. Your family member’s profile is displayed and you can now perform actions on their behalf.A screenshot of the area above the options menu where the profile icons of the user and their family member are displayed.
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