Client Web App: Book now tabs

The book now tab is a visual representation of your Classes, Events, Appointments, and BOOK-A-SPOT™ assets. It allows you to categorize your services, making it easy for clients to find exactly the types of services they are interested in from the Client Web App. You can book services in multiple book now tabs, to accommodate your specific business needs.

Book now tabs are useful for helping you make different services stand out for potential clients. For example, if your business offers both strength training and martial arts Classes, categorizing these separately in two book now tabs would be ideal for your clients who are looking specifically for one type of service.

The default book now tabs for each service are as follows:

  • The default book now tab for Appointments is Appointments.
  • The default book now tab for Classes is Classes.
  • The default book now tab for Events is Enrollments.
  • The default book now tab for BOOK-A-SPOT™ assets is Assets.

Note Some Events will allow individual sessions to be booked. For those Events, the individual sessions can also be assigned to Class book now tabs.

For more information, see Managing the book now tab.

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