The schedule

The schedule displays your business’s planned services. It allows you to quickly visualize what will be happening at one or more locations, providing a high-level view of client attendance. The schedule view can be changed between list view and calendar view. For more information, see Schedule views.

The schedule also allows you to book Appointments and assets and schedule Classes directly by clicking the Add Button button or by clicking the desired time slot in calendar view. Appointments can be easily rescheduled in calendar view. You can filter the schedule and choose a specific filter as your default filter when viewing your schedule.

NoteIf you filter the Appointment Analysis Report by a specified date range, the number of Appointments on the report will likely be different than the number of Appointments on your schedule for the same date range. This occurs because the schedule only lists Appointments led by active staff members, while the Appointment Analysis Report also includes Appointments led by inactive staff members. Additionally, late canceled Appointments are only included in the Appointment Analysis Report, while early canceled Appointments are only included in the schedule results.

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