Transformation Log Report

The Transformation Log Report is a client report that displays a list of your clients’ physical measurements during a selected date range. The information for these measurements is taken from the transformation log associated with each client profile.

NoteHidden fields in the Transformation Log will not be displayed as columns in the report.

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    To view the Transformation Log Report:

    1. Click the App Drawer button .
    2. In the App Drawer, click View All.
    3. In the list, click Reports. You can filter the list by entering Reports into the Search field.
    4. On the Reports menu, click Clients.
    5. In the side menu or in the list, click Transformation Log. Your Transformation Log Report is displayed.

    Headings in the Transformation Log Report:

    Heading nameDescription
    CLIENTThe name and profile image of the client.
    MEASUREMENT DATEThe date on which the client recorded their measurements.
    STAFF VERIFICATION REQUIREDWhether staff verification was required for the client to log their measurements.
    MEASUREMENT UPDATE REQUIREDWhether this was a required measurement update.
    PRE-WORKOUT HEART RATEThe client’s resting heart rate.
    BLOOD PRESSUREThe client’s blood pressure
    ARMSThe size of the client’s arms.
    BUSTThe size of the client’s bust.
    WAISTThe size of the client’s waist.
    ABDOMENThe size of the client’s abdomen.
    HIPSThe size of the client’s hips.
    THIGHSThe size of the client’s thighs.
    HEIGHTThe client’s height.
    NoteIf the height is measured in feet and inches in the transformation log and you choose to export the Transformation Log Report, height measurements will be converted to inches. For example, if the client’s height is 5’2″, the height in the exported report will be listed as 62.
    WEIGHTThe client’s weight.
    BODY FAT %The client’s body fat percentage.
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