Troubleshooting: Auto-Payment is not charging the correct credit card


When one or more of your clients are automatically charged for purchases such as recurring memberships, auto-payment is charging a credit card that cannot be found under the Billing & Account Balance section of the client’s profile. Alternately, auto-payment is charging the client’s account when the client has a credit card saved to their profile.


This issue is caused when auto payment is setup at one location, but another of your locations is set as the client’s home location. To fix this issue:

  1. Change the client’s home location.
  2. Save the correct card(s) to the client’s profile.

For information about auto-payment revenue if your business has multiple locations, see Membership auto-payments at multiple location businesses.

See also, Troubleshooting: Appears that the system is billing the incorrect credit card when you have multiple locations.

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