Troubleshooting: Client connected to another client’s Facebook


Two clients have the same first and last name. When one of these clients attempts to connect their WellnessLiving account to Facebook, the account is connected to the other client with the same first and last name.


The connection between WellnessLiving and Facebook works in this way:

  1. The system receives an email from Facebook.
  2. The system searches for a client connected to the email provided by Facebook.
    1. If a client is found, that client’s Facebook and WellnessLiving accounts will be connected and logged in to.
    2. If a client is not found, a new user will be created with the email information.

This means that only the email address will influence the connection between Facebook and WellnessLiving. Other fields will not affect this connection. Therefore, if two users are connected to the same Facebook account, Facebook sent our system the same email address for each client. This is caused by both clients attempting to connect with the same email address through Facebook.

Be sure that your clients are using the appropriate login information to rectify this issue.

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