Troubleshooting: Clients aren’t receiving email or SMS notifications


A client didn’t receive an email or SMS message that should have been sent by an automated marketing campaign or as an automated notification.

Before you attempt any of the solutions listed below, we suggest you check the client’s contact history and the Contact Log History Report to determine whether the notification was sent by the system.

If you’re having issues with staff members not receiving messages, see Troubleshooting: Staff members aren’t receiving email or SMS notifications.

Review the table below to determine the cause of the issue you’re facing and learn how to implement the corresponding solution.

Note If an automated email notification is sent to a client who signed up with WellnessLiving using their Apple ID, the Email History Report will display the error message: Email is not sent because the user’s email address is blacklisted in the Reason column, even though the email was successfully sent to the client. This is due to the Hide My Email setting that is enabled on their iOS device, which hides their real email address and sends the email indirectly through a private relay email address (


To resolve the issue, follow the instructions below. If the issue persists after completing these steps, please contact WellnessLiving Support.
Your business isn’t live.To fix this issue, ensure your onboarding with WellnessLiving is complete and your business is live. An automated notification can’t be sent when a business isn’t live.
The client has been deactivated.To fix this issue, go to the client’s overview page and set ACTIVATE CLIENT to ON. For more information, see Reactivating a client.
The client’s contact information, such as their email address or cell phone number, is missing or incorrect.To fix this issue, update the client’s profile to ensure all the required contact information has been provided and is accurate.

NoteClients must have a valid cell phone number under the CELL PHONE field on their Profile Details page to receive an SMS message.
The client unsubscribed from a notification category.To fix this issue, ask the client to subscribe to the relevant notification category. Clients can update their notification settings in the Client Web App, or you can change the client’s notification settings for them.
A client’s email address has been blacklisted.Client email addresses can be blacklisted for various reasons. If you suspect your client’s email has been blacklisted, contact WellnessLiving support.
The email notification bounced.To fix this issue, wait 24 hours for the restriction to be lifted, then resend the email notification to the clients who didn’t receive the initial email.

To generate a list of clients who didn’t receive the initial email, use the advanced filters in the Contact Log History Report. Then use QUICK Contact to resend the email notification to those clients. For more information, see Contacting a group of clients.

The client’s email provider settings are preventing them from receiving your email notifications.To fix this issue, ask your client to add your email address to the safe senders list in their email application’s settings.

If your client isn’t using a public domain name, such as Gmail or Outlook, ask them to ensure their domain is registered and active.

The automated notification isn’t active.To fix this issue, activate the notification.
A template hasn’t been created for the automated marketing campaign.To fix this issue, create and activate a template.
The notification isn’t being sent to the correct client type or client group.To fix this issue, modify the email send rules to send the notification to a specific client type or client group. For more information, see Sending automated notifications to specific client types or groups.

NoteThe client retention campaign will be sent only to clients who have an active Purchase Option. For more information, see Automated marketing campaign types.
The related service doesn’t have the notification settings enabled.To fix this issue, modify the service’s settings to ensure notifications will be sent for the service. For more information, see Enabling or disabling staff and/or client notifications per service.
The business settings for sending automated notifications are disabled.These settings are available only to system administrators. To fix this issue, contact WellnessLiving support.
The mobile carrier is not delivering your SMS messages to the client.To fix this issue, see SMS Carrier Filtering in the United States and Canada on the Twilio Help Center website.
The SMS message is being flagged as spam.SMS messages can be flagged as spam for the following reasons:

  • Shortened links may cause carrier filters to flag the message as spam. To fix this issue, don’t use URL shorteners such as when including links in your SMS message.
  • Sending an SMS message to a high number of clients at one time may cause carrier filters to flag the message as spam. To fix this issue, only send an SMS message to 50-100 clients at a time if you’re contacting a group of clients.
The client replied to a business’s SMS message with STOP, UNSTOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, or CANCELCustomers who reply to a business’s SMS message with single-word messages such as STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, or QUIT will be unsubscribed, preventing them from receiving new SMS messages from the business, even if SMS notifications are enabled on the backend. To resubscribe to the business, the client must reply to the business with either START, YES, or UNSTOP.
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