Troubleshooting: Clients are not receiving email or SMS notifications


Your clients are not receiving email or SMS notifications from your business for several reasons. Review the table below to determine the cause of the issue you’re facing and learn how to implement the corresponding solution.

Before you attempt any of the solutions listed below, we suggest you check the client’s contact history and the Contact Log History Report to determine whether the notification was sent by the system.

If you are having issues with staff members not receiving messages, see Troubleshooting: Staff members are not receiving email or SMS notifications.


To resolve the issue, follow the instructions below. If the issue persists after completing these steps, please contact WellnessLiving Support.
The client does not have the proper settings enabled.Modify the client’s notification settings and their subscription list to ensure they receive all the notifications they need.
The notification is not active and cannot be sent to any clients.Activate the notification.
The notification is not set up to be sent to this client.To make sure the notification is sent to the correct client type or group, you can adjust the email send rules.
The service related to the notification does not have the proper settings enabled.You can adjust the settings for a service to ensure the client receives notifications related to the service. For more information, see Class Type advanced settings, Appointment Type advanced settings and Event Type advanced settings.
The client’s contact information (their cell phone number and email address) are incorrect.You can update the client’s profile to make sure it includes the correct contact information.
The client’s email settings are preventing them from receiving your notifications.Ask your client to update their settings to ensure they have not blocked your email address, they have not forwarded your emails to their junk folder, and that they are using a public domain name like Gmail or Hotmail.
The mobile carrier is not delivering your SMS messages to the client.To remedy this issue, please see refer to this Twilio support article.
The SMS notification is being flagged as spam.If you are including links in your SMS message, do not use URL shorteners such as Shortened links may cause carrier filters to flag the message as spam.


If you are sending the SMS message manually, only send the message to 50-100 clients at a time. Sending a message to a mass amount of clients at one time may cause carrier filters to flag the message as spam.

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