Troubleshooting: Why are clients not receiving email or SMS messages?


Clients are not receiving email or SMS messages from your business.

If you are having issues with staff members not receiving messages, see Troubleshooting: Why are staff members not receiving messages?


To resolve this issue, review the solutions in the following list. If you have completed the list and your clients are still not receiving messages, report the issue in the Community Forum and we will be happy to help you resolve your issue.

  • For both email and SMS messages:
  • For email messages:
    • Confirm that the client’s email address is entered correctly in the client’s profile, and verify that the email address is valid. For assistance, try this email checker.
    • Ask the client to check if email notifications are being sent to their junk mail folder.
    • Ask the client whether they are using any email filtering services.
    • Check whether the client is using a private domain name for their email address. Many private domain names will not be able to receive email notifications from WellnessLiving. Try to use a public domain name such as Gmail or Hotmail.
  • For SMS messages:
    • Confirm that the client’s mobile number is entered correctly in the client’s profile, and verify that the mobile number is valid.
    • If there are any links in your messages, ensure that you are not using a URL shortener, such as Shortened links may cause carrier filters to flag the message as spam.
    • If the notification is sent manually, send 50-100 messages at one time. Mass amounts of SMS messages sent at once may cause carrier filters to flag the message as spam.
  •  If you have completed this list and a client is still not receiving SMS messages, the client’s mobile carrier may be causing the issue. Review the following to understand what may be preventing your clients from receiving your SMS messages:
    • Although the client’s contact history and the Contact Log History Report indicate that the SMS message was sent, the message may not have been delivered. This occurs when the carrier sends a delivery report to WellnessLiving saying that the SMS has reached the messaging center and the carrier intends to deliver the message to the client’s device. Because WellnessLiving receives the delivery report from the carrier, the message is marked as sent in WellnessLiving. If the message has a status of sent and not delivered, it has not yet been relayed from the messaging center to the client’s device.
    • SMS messages sent through WellnessLiving are considered Application to Person (A2P) messages. In accordance with US telecom regulations, A2P messages are sent using short code numbers or toll-free numbers. Based on their own complex systems, carriers may automatically filter some A2P messages.
    • Be sure that your clients want to receive your SMS messages. If clients inform their carriers that they are receiving unwanted SMS messages, their carriers will be more likely to filter those messages.
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