Troubleshooting: Email is already registered error when changing a client’s email address


When changing a client’s email address on their profile, you receive the error message: This email is already registered. Please sign in, but there are no clients registered at your business with this email address. This error message is displayed when a client has used the same email address to register a WellnessLiving account with another business.


To resolve the issue, follow the instructions below. If the issue persists after completing these steps, please contact WellnessLiving Support.

To resolve this issue, you must add the client to your business and then verify the user information by clicking Yes, this is the correct user in the confirmation popup. After verifying the user information, a new client profile is automatically created using the new email address. There will now be two client profiles at your business.

To remove the duplicate profile, you can merge the client profiles from the new client profile or from the Duplicate Clients Report. After merging, information from the old profile will be transferred to the new profile, and the old profile will be deleted.

To learn more about what information can be merged when merging from a client’s profile or Duplicate Clients Report, see Merging client information.

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