Troubleshooting: Email is not being sent by the automated email campaign


A client did not receive an email that should have been sent by an automated email campaign.

When an automated email campaign is triggered, the emails are added to a queue and typically sent immediately. However, there can be a delay in the sending of these emails due to server issues or high volumes of emails being sent.

If your client still hasn’t received an email after a few hours have passed, it could be due to another issue

Review the table below to determine the cause of the issue you’re facing and learn how to implement the corresponding solution.


To resolve the issue, follow the instructions below. If the issue persists after completing these steps, please contact WellnessLiving Support.
Bounced emailTo fix this issue, you can resend emails to those clients who did not receive the original emails after the restriction is lifted. First, you can create a new client group to include everyone on the list who has already received the emails. On the Clients page, use the advanced filter to deselect the new client group you’ve just created. This generates a list of clients who didn’t receive the emails. Next, you can proceed to send emails to these clients.

For more information on how to send emails to a group of clients, see Contacting a group of clients.

The business is not liveTo fix this issue, ensure onboarding with WellnessLiving is complete and the business is live. An automated email campaign cannot be initiated when a business is not live.
Insufficient recipient informationTo fix this issue, verify that all the required contact information has been provided on the client’s profile and that the information is accurate.
The client has been deactivatedTo fix this issue, go to the client’s Overview page and set ACTIVATE CLIENT to ON. For more information, see Reactivating a client.
The user has unsubscribed from a specific marketing email or all marketing emailsTo fix this issue, visit the client’s profile and manually resubscribe them to the relevant emails. For more information on how to manually resubscribe clients to marketing emails, see Changing a client’s notification settings.
The email is not being sent to the correct client typeAn automated email campaign can be set up to be sent only to a specific client type. For example, you can set up a client win-back campaign so that it will only be sent to clients who have not booked or checked in recently.

To ensure the client receives your email, check that your email campaign is configured as the correct campaign type and set Send only to specific client types in the Email Send Rules according to your preference.

NoteThe client retention campaign will only be sent to clients who have an active purchase option. For more information, see Automated marketing campaign types.
The email is not being sent to the correct client groupAn automated email campaign can be set up to be sent to a specific client group.

To fix this issue, you can customize your automated email notifications by modifying the automated email template settings. Ensure that Send only to specific client groups is set to ON and the appropriate client group is selected to receive the email notifications.

The email template has not been createdTo run a custom automated marketing campaign, you must first create a marketing email template in WellnessLiving.
Sending automated emails setting is disabled in the business settings.This setting is available only to system administrators. To enable the business settings to send automated emails, please contact WellnessLiving support.
Email is turned off in your settingsThis occurs when email templates have not been set up, or when email notifications have been disabled in business setup or automated marketing.

To fix this issue, ensure email templates have been created and that automated marketing is enabled.

The client’s email address has been blacklistedEmail is not sent because the client’s email address has been blacklisted for spam-related reasons. For more information, see FAQ: Why was my email blacklisted?
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