Troubleshooting: Mobile reader not working


Your mobile card reader is not working. There are many possible causes for this problem.

Review the table below to determine the cause of the issue you’re facing and learn how to implement the corresponding solution.


To resolve the issue, follow the instructions below. If the issue persists after completing these steps, please contact WellnessLiving Support.
You are using the browser version of WellnessLivingThe uDynamo mobile card reader is only compatible with mobile devices using the Elevate Staff App. Open the Elevate Staff App, and if necessary, configure the card swiper port.
Mobile card reader is not completely connected to your deviceEnsure the reader is properly connected to the headphone jack or lightning port (depending on the reader model).

If you have a case on your mobile device, this may be interfering with the connection between your mobile device and the reader. Take off the case and try again.

Mobile device settings are incorrectEnsure that your mobile device has:

  • A fully charged battery.
  • The Bluetooth turned on.
  • The microphone turned on.
  • The volume increased to its maximum capacity.
Card is being swiped too quickly or too slowlyIf you are swiping too quickly or too slowly, the reader will not work. Try adjusting your swiping speed.
Card is not supported by mobile card readerDebit cards with EMV (chip and PIN) are not supported and cannot be processed via swipe. Select another payment method.
Mobile card reader was not purchased from WellnessLivingMobile card readers that are not purchased from WellnessLiving may include firmware or encryption that prevents the reader from working. Even if the reader bought from a third-party is the same model we sell, we cannot guarantee compatibility with any reader not purchased directly from us.
Mobile card reader may be defectiveThere are MagTek test apps for both iOS and Android that you can use to check if the card reader is defective.

First, use the MagTek hardware test app for iOS or Android to confirm that the reader is functional and compatible with your device:

If the reader passes the hardware test, then you must use the configuration app to verify that the device can read card data:

Open the configuration app, then follow these steps:

  1. Tap Use Public Account.
  2. Tap Transactions.
  3. Tap Change Reader Config.
  4. Tap Reader Config Options.
  5. Select ENC_Variant_Data.
  6. Swipe a card through the reader.

If no card data is displayed on the screen after following these steps, then the reader is defective.

If it is determined that the reader is defective and you purchased the reader from WellnessLiving, we can arrange for a replacement. To order a replacement mobile card reader, please contact WellnessLiving support.

Elevate Staff App settings are not configured correctly

(iOS only)

The app may be set to the wrong connection type. For example, if the reader uses the lightning port but the Elevate settings are set to Headphone Jack, the reader will not work.

Follow these steps to check the Elevate Staff App’s settings:

  1. Tap the More tab.
  2. Under Profile, tap Card Swiper.
  3. Select Lightning Port or Headphone Jack depending on your reader connection.
  4. Tap Confirm.
Elevate Staff App cannot access the mobile device’s microphone

(iOS only)

The Elevate Staff App might not have access to the device’s microphone. To check this, open the Settings app, tap Privacy, then tap Microphone.

  • If the Elevate Staff App does not have access, you must give it access and then reboot the device for this change to take effect.
  • If the Elevate Staff App does have access, other apps may be overriding Elevate’s microphone access. Try disabling microphone access for other apps, then reboot the device.

If none of the scenarios above are causing your problem, refer to the manufacturer’s documentation for your mobile card reader:

  • iDynamo (user manual)
    • Used by Paragon (formerly Direct Connect) customers.
    • Connects via the lightning port on iOS devices.
  • uDynamo (user manual)
    • Used by Paragon (formerly Direct Connect) customers.
    • Connects via the headphone jack on Android or iOS devices.
  • aDynamo (user manual)
    • Used by NMI customers.
    • Connects via the headphone jack on Android or iOS devices.

If you are still having trouble, email with a screenshot of the error message and a description of the problem.

If you are exchanging a mobile card reader, contact one of the following based on your payment processor:

Payment ProcessorContact Information
Paragon (formerly Direct Connect)Customer Support at Paragon

Phone: 1-800-884-5208, option 1


Argus Merchant ServicesMerchant Processing at WellnessLiving

Phone: 1-888-668-7728


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