Troubleshooting: Payroll not calculating as expected


Your Payroll Details or Payroll Summary reports are not calculating as expected or showing incorrect amounts.

Note Reports can take up to five minutes to update. Be sure that your Payroll reports are up-to-date before completing the steps below.


Payroll is calculated based on various conditions. If your payroll report is showing an incorrect amount, there are several places to check for the cause of and solution to your problem.

Follow these steps to find the cause of any inaccuracies in payroll:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click Reports.
  3. On the Reports menu, click Staff.
  4. On the side menu, click Payroll Details.
  5. Check the PAY RATE listed in the far right column.
    NoteAny modification to an already existing pay rate will apply retroactively to previous payment reports; therefore, a new pay rate must be made to ensure report accuracy. New pay rates will only affect future classes and reports.
    1. Using an incorrect rate will likely result in unexpected payments. For more information about choosing pay rates, see Setting up pay rates for services. If the pay rate is correct, move on to six (6). If it is not, complete the following to update the associated pay rate:
    2. Create a new pay rate for the staff member and update the pay rate associated with the service.
    3. Future payroll reports will now generate accurately.
  6.  Check that the PAY column is calculating the correct amount based on the pay rate.
    1. If the pay amount is correct, move on to step seven (7). If the pay amount is incorrect, complete the following to check the amount of the pay rate:
    2. Open the appropriate staff member’s profile.
    3. Click the Pay Rates tab.
      CautionIf you want to modify a staff member’s pay rate in any way, create a new pay rate. Any modification to an existing pay rate will cause retroactive modifications to be made to previously recorded payments.
    4. Scroll to the related pay rate. Check that the rate is entered correctly:
      1. If a rate should be applied for classes with no attendees, checkbox next to Rate per empty session should be checked and pay amount entered is correct.
      2. If a cap should be applied to the rate, the checkbox next to Add a cap should be checked and the desired cap amount input. If a cap should not be applied, the checkbox should be unchecked.
      3. If the staff should receive payment for no shows and/or late cancels, the boxes next to Include No Shows and/or Include Late Cancels should be checked. If payment should be excluded for no shows and/or late cancels, the boxes should be unchecked.
      4. For more information, see Pay rates.
      5. Click SAVE.
  7.   Check that the ATTENDED column accounts for attendees as intended.
    1. No shows or absences will be subtracted from the total Attended. These will be counted as $0 in the pay rate. If you wish to have your staff member paid differently for these absences, see the previous step for information about including and excluding no shows and late cancels in your staff’s pay rates.
  8.  If payroll is still showing unexpected results, check that memberships used for that payment are formatted correctly by completing the following:
    1. Click the App Drawer button .
    2. In the App Drawer, click Setup.
    3. In the Setup menu, click Store Configuration.
    4. Click Purchase Options.
    5. Select the appropriate membership.
    6. Scroll down and click Advanced Settings to expand the menu.
    7. Scroll to the Revenue & Staff Payroll Calculation heading.
      1. If Exclude clients who use this purchase option from payroll calculations is selected, when this membership is used, staff will be given a $0 value in your payroll calculations. Be sure that it is only checked in the desired memberships.
      2. If Approximate revenue per session value is selected, commission will be calculated as a percentage of the value entered here or as a flat amount previously entered in the pay rate settings. Be sure that it is only checked in the desired memberships.
      3. Click SAVE when you are finished making changes.
    8. If a client uses a membership that does not apply commission to the class attended, this will also be calculated as $0. To change memberships to include a rate of commission, see How to add a rate of commission to a membership.
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