Types of SMS messaging

SMS stands for short message service, a protocol used for sending short text messages over wireless networks. WellnessLiving offers three options for SMS text messaging services depending on the needs of your business. These include 1-way SMS, 2-way SMS, and conversational SMS. For more information on plans and pricing, see Message Center: Subscription plans.

All three forms of SMS messaging can be used to improve your business’s communications. 1-way SMS can be used for updates and notifications that only need to deliver information to a client, while transactional communications that require a simple response, such as confirming an appointment booking, can use 2-way SMS. Conversational SMS allows for a more personalized approach to your communications by letting staff members and clients initiate and engage in conversations. A client may have a question that can be easily answered by one of your staff members, making the experience more personal and engaging.

NoteClients must have a valid cell phone number under the CELL PHONE field on their Profile Details page to receive an SMS message. For more information, see Client profile.

The following table describes each type of SMS available in WellnessLiving that you can use to communicate with your clients.

SMS TypeDescription
1-way SMS1-way SMS refers to messaging that only moves in one direction – from your business to a client. Clients cannot respond to 1-way SMS messages. This type of messaging is typically used to deliver information such as purchase receipts, booking confirmations, and other communications that do not require a response from the recipient.

Many of the automated notifications and automated marketing in WellnessLiving use 1-way SMS messaging to deliver information to clients.

2-way SMS2-way SMS refers to text messaging that allows clients to respond to your business’s automated SMS messages and confirm their Appointments or wait list promotions.

2-way SMS is available through Message Center. When you subscribe to Message Center, your business will be assigned a functional, local phone number. This means that the messages sent by your business are considered true text messages. Clients can respond to inquiries sent from your business by using a pre-set response such as YES to confirm. When your clients respond to your automated SMS message, the WellnessLiving system will automatically update their booking for a session.

Conversational SMSConversational SMS also allows your clients to respond to your text messages but goes beyond simple pre-set responses and allows for end-to-end conversations between clients and your business. Starting new conversations with clients and responding to their messages is managed through Message Center. Message Center is simple to use and an effective way to interact with your clients and keep them engaged. Once this feature is enabled, clients can respond to your 1-way automated marketing and automated notification SMS messages.

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