Upcoming Birthdays Report

The Upcoming Birthdays Report is a client report that displays any client birthdays occurring during the selected date range. This report can be used to plan for and execute special birthday offers for your clients.

This article describes how to view the Upcoming Birthdays Report and provides details of the columns that appear in the report. To learn how to customize and filter the report, see Viewing a report.

In this article:

    To view the Upcoming Birthdays Report:

    1. Click the App Drawer button .
    2. In the App Drawer, click Reports.
    3. On the Reports menu, click Clients.
    4. On the Clients menu, click Upcoming Birthdays. The Upcoming Birthdays Report is displayed.

    Headings in the Upcoming Birthdays Report

    Heading Description
    Client The client whose birthday is coming up. Relevant details about this customer, such as pass status, waiver status, contract status, special notes, unpaid visits, and account balance, will be noted here by small icons. Hover over any icon to learn more.
    Date The birth date of the client.

    Advanced Filters in the Upcoming Birthdays Report

    Filter Description
    Groups Use this filter to determine which clients to include in the report based on their client group.
    NoteThis filter will pull any relevant information from the available fields. For example, if you filter for groups A, B, and C, the filter will find clients from group A, group B, group C, and any combination thereof, as opposed to only finding clients who belong to all three groups.
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