User alerts and flags

A user alert is a note you can leave on a client’s profile. You can set whether the user alert will be visible to only you, all staff members, or both staff members and the client. There is no limit to the number of user alerts that can be added to a client profile.

In addition to adding user alerts, you can add a flag to a client’s profile to prevent them from being able to book services at specified locations. This can be done to address issues with the client’s account status, or to address the client’s behavior before allowing them to take part in services again. Once the issue has been addressed, the flag can be easily removed from the client’s profile.

To learn about adding or removing a user alert or a flag, see Adding or removing an alert or flag from a client profile.

Note If a staff member is logged in to their client profile, they will still be able to see user alerts on their profile that are visible to all staff members.
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