Using ClassPass with WellnessLiving

ClassPass is a monthly membership program that allows clients to try out new fitness studios each month. When you sign up with ClassPass, clients can discover and try your appointments and classes using their ClassPass membership.

To integrate and share data between your ClassPass account and your WellnessLiving account, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Provide your ClassPass representative with your WellnessLiving business ID and the location IDs for each of your business locations. For more information, see Finding your business ID and Finding your location ID.
  2. Enable ClassPass integration in your WellnessLiving account. For more information, see Enabling and disabling ClassPass integration.

After your ClassPass account is integrated with your WellnessLiving account, your clients can book your services through ClassPass. Here are some important items to remember when setting up your services:

  • To allow clients to book your services through ClassPass, you must ensure that the CLASSPASS option is set to ON when you schedule appointments or classes. For more information, see Appointment type advanced settings and Class type advanced settings.
  • To automatically display your scheduled classes on ClassPass, you must enable AutoSync on your ClassPass Partner Dashboard. If AutoSync is not enabled for WellnessLiving, you will need to manually manage when and how your classes are displayed on ClassPass. For more information, see What is AutoSync for Fitness? on the ClassPass website.
  • To adjust how many spots are allocated to ClassPass users for each of your services, use the ClassPass Partner Dashboard. For more information, see What is the Partner Dashboard? on the ClassPass website.

When using ClassPass with your WellnessLiving account, keep in mind the following information:

  • If you are signing up with ClassPass for the first time, expect an onboarding period of 7-10 days while you learn how the integration works and familiarize yourself with the Partner Dashboard.
  • Cancellation policies for your business are configured on ClassPass during the initial setup period. These policies are separate from your business’s cancellation policies in WellnessLiving, but the policies should always match. If a cancellation is made through ClassPass and your cancellation policies in ClassPass don’t match your business policies in WellnessLiving, the settings in ClassPass will be applied. If you change your business’s cancellation policies, ensure that the policies are updated on WellnessLiving and ClassPass to avoid conflicts in ClassPass bookings. For more information, see Troubleshooting: Late cancel policies incorrectly applied to customers canceling through ClassPass.
  • When clients make a booking with your business through ClassPass and the email address they use is not already associated with a client profile in your business, a client profile will be created automatically using the information provided when booking the class.
  • Bookings made through ClassPass are automatically synced with the class’s attendance list in WellnessLiving. These bookings will be marked as paid with a single session on a client’s attendance history and upcoming schedule pages and marked as Paid with ClassPass on the attendance list.
  • Clients who book through ClassPass will still receive client notifications if the service is canceled or their attendance status changes.
  • You can use your ClassPass details to enter an approximate revenue for ClassPass clients when you are scheduling a class or modifying a class schedule. Upon entering these estimates, your reports will be updated to reflect these changes.

To learn more about ClassPass and contact a representative, visit the ClassPass website.

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